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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Eighteen

301-Zvobgo was sceptical about Mugabe stepping down

302-Mugabe told Obasanjo no successor was ready to take over

303-Mugabe’s presence in Lisbon bad for Portugal

304-Wade said UK was to blame for crisis in Zimbabwe

305-US ambassador still on Mugabe’s case

306-Mugabe told US ambassador to encourage MDC factions to unite

307-SADC threatened to pull out of EU-Africa summit over Mugabe

308-No greetings to avoid Mugabe

309-Mugabe tones down vitriol

310-Ndlovu called German leader racist, fascist

311-MDC promised to present a united front

312-Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe

313-US said it would press Japan not to invite Mugabe to Tokyo

314-How the US targets people for sanctions

315-Masamvu said Zuma was expected to be more robust on Mugabe

316-Japan said Mugabe no different from other African leaders

317-Mbeki wanted internationally accepted elections

318-Masiyiwa said Jonathan Moyo and Ibbo Mandaza were former CIO

319-Talks dead, MDC in a quandary

320-Goche said Mutasa and Bonyongwe were obstructionist

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