Did Mugabe really do all this?


Bulawayo South Member of Parliament Eddie Cross has listed a series of things that former President Robert Mugabe allegedly got away with. The list is so disturbing that one wonders where we all were while this happened? 

It goes:

  1. He got away with Gukurahundi and the near total destruction of ZAPU and its founder, Joshua Nkomo.
  2. He got away with the elimination of his rivals and competitors for 20 years until MDC pitched up.
  3. He got away with 17 years of mayhem on the farms, selective killings of opposition activists of all hues and the destructive swathe of Murambatsvina.
  4. He got away with rigging elections in his favour a dozen times ( I thought we have only had 7 elections in which Mugabe participated).
  5. He got away with the theft of an estimated US$80 billion in 37 years of dominant control of the country in all its aspects, US$2 thousand million a year, culminating in the straight theft of US$21 billion in diamonds from the alluvial deposits in Marange.
  6. He got away with the premature deaths of 3 million Zimbabweans as life expectancy crashed from over 60 years in 1980 to 35 years.
  7. He got away with the forced expulsion of 5 million Zimbabweans into the Diaspora to find refuge from political thuggery and economic collapse.
  8. He got away with the collapse of our currency which for over 100 years had been stronger than the mighty US dollar and the British pound.
  9. He got away with turning one of the most diversified economies in Africa and a major agricultural producer and exporter into an importer of everything and leaving his poorest and most vulnerable people, living under the constant threat of starvation and dependency on food hand outs by the international Community.


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