ZANU-PF and MDC-T unite to force Chinamasa to reconsider appointment of Ndudzo as auditor-general


THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE, LEGAL AND PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS (HON. CHINAMASA): Mr. Speaker Sir, I believe that I am acting in accordance with the Constitution and according to the provisions of the Constitution, more particularly Section 310. All the sections which were quoted, read them – they are not relevant to the motion, none of them are relevant to the motion. Even the Standing Orders that were quoted are also not relevant to the motion. As I see it, I am completely within the confines of the law and above all the confines of the Constitution and I am acting properly.

The motion before the House is I am seeking approval of this august House to approve the proposed appointment of Mr. Machael Nyamadzawo Ndudzo to the position of Auditor General. We cannot find…-[HON. MEMBERS: No, no.]- Mr. Speaker…

Hon. Mutseyami having stood up to debate.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order, order. Hon. Mutseyami, I said if you have issues, you are going to debate the motion. Can you sit down please? You have the opportunity to debate the motion and say all that you want to say. The Hon. Minister has clearly said the proposed appointment. So, the debate is still alive. Thank you.

HON. CHINAMASA: Mr. Speaker Sir, in moving this motion, I call upon Hon. Members to support the motion. Mr. Ndudzo has had an illustrious career… –[HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections]-both in the public and the private sector.

Hon. Chinotimba having been speaking aloud.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Hon. Chinotimba, please allow the Minister to speak.

HON. CHINAMASA: He qualifies in terms of the Constitution to be Auditor-General. He is the first person who established the office of the Accountant-General in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. He served in that capacity as the first Accountant General. So, he understands Government systems and what needs to be done, he clearly understands. Mr. Speaker Sir, I have circulated his CV. After serving in that capacity for about six years, he went into the private sector and has been a director of many companies. These are set out in the CV of Mr. Ndudzo.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order Hon. Minister. Order, order Hon. Members. Anyone who is going to shout now, I shall remove him from this House. I have said if you have got issues, you will debate.

HON. CHINAMASA: Mr. Speaker Sir, I value the experience and it is this experience that Mr. Ndudzo has accumulated over many years in both the public and private sectors that more than qualifies him to occupy the office of Auditor-General. That exposure is very important if we are to reform our institutions in Government. We have taken strides in attracting experienced people to come back into Government. The current Accountant-General retired from Price Water House and has brought a wealth of experience into Government. The relationship that we have build between Treasury and the Auditor-General is largely because of the reforms that the Accountant-General is undertaking. I am now looking forward to Mr. Ndudzo serving in this capacity so that he can complement what the Accountant-General is doing.  As I have already indicated, Mrs. Chiri will head the Internal Audit Department and I believe that between the three institutions, we should be able to get our finances back on track in terms of management, accountability and transparency.  Mr. Speaker Sir, I accordingly move that the motion be adopted.  I thank you.

Hon. Chinotimba having stood up to give a point of order.

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