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Mugabe gets his yes-man

Under his leadership, police kept a tight lid on its finances.

Auditor-General found multiple police stations were not banking their daily takings from roadblocks.

The reality of the job of Zimbabwean Finance Minister has a way of taming even the hardest radicals.

But Chombo has never shown any sign he is one for frugality and is unlikely to change.

He is never one to say “no” to Mugabe, as this is how he has made him a firm Mugabe favourite.

What Zimbabwe’s economy needed now was someone to cut spending and enforce discipline.

It needed a person with credibility and beyond reproach.

The economy needed someone trusted by consumers, business and international financiers.

But the President has shown us time and again; there is a big difference between what the country needs, and what Mugabe wants.- The Source


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