MDC-T chief whip asks Mnangagwa to bring Mandi Chimene to order


HON. GONESE: My supplementary question is whether as the Hon. Vice President you are going to bring to order…

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order, order!

HON. GONESE: My supplementary question is whether as the Hon. Vice President you are going to bring this to order?  In today’s Press Mr. Speaker, Hon. Minister of State Mandi Chimene and the ZANU PF Secretary for Youth are quoted as saying that on the 16th of June 2017, all roads must be leading to Sakubva Stadium and all shops are going to be closed to ensure maximum attendance. They are quoted in today’s newspaper as having said that. Are they going to be brought to order, because people are being forced to attend and if it is not Government policy, are those two going to be brought to order, because that is what they said today?

THE HON. SPEAKER: Are you through?

HON. GONESE: Yes, I was asking whether they are going to be brought to order because they have been quoted in today’ Press as saying that there should be a whole shutdown and all roads must be leading to Sakubva Stadium and that they must ensure maximum attendance, and that shops will be closed and vendors stalls will also be closed.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order, order.

THE HON. VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Speaker Sir, the Hon. Member would want to know whether it is true that all roads are leading to Mutare on a particular day – I doubt it that all roads will lead to Mutare. Some will go to Masvingo and some roads will go to Bulawayo –[HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] Secondly, I would like to inform the House that it is not ZANU PF policy to force people to attend ZANU PF rallies. If anybody who has a relative who was forced, the courts are open for them to say, ‘I was forced to go to a ZANU PF rally’. We do not force people to attend our rallies. Thirdly, we have no policy – both as Government as well as ZANU PF to force people to stop their businesses because there is a rally. People must eat and work and it is our policy that people must work and earn a living. I thank you.

HON. GONESE: Mr. Speaker, the last part was not answered about what will be done to the Minister of State who has stated that they ensure maximum attendance by having the shops closed. What is going to be done to that irresponsible Minister and also to the Secretary for Youth, Kudzanai Chipanga who has expressed similar sentiments?

THE HON. VICE PRESIDENT: The Hon. Member is asking what will happen in terms of disciplinary procedure to persons who breach party policy.  I think when that happens, we can invite him to come and listen to what we do in our party – [Laughter.] –


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