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MDC Alliance says as the next government we cannot call for sanctions against ourselves

This roadmap must have the following benchmarks

1) The implementation and executing electoral reforms that including

2) (a) credible BVR in respect of which all political parties sign on to, the introduction)

   (b) The introduction of the diaspora vote

   (c) The presence of international monitors and observers at least six months before the election

   (d) The establishment of an enabling environment without violence,   fear and coercion

   (e) Electoral and other legislative reforms including the repeal of POSA and AIPPA

   (f) Comprehensive media reforms including equal access to the public media and the granting of broadcasting licences.

   (g) A special role of the UN in view of past contested elections

All the above must be guaranteed and underwritten by the international community including SADC, the AU and the UN.

We must collectively deal with the political and economic hygiene issues. 

Issues that still need to be addressed by the current government, opposition political parties and the generality of Zimbabweans are:

Having a clear roadmap to credible, free and fair elections

How to develop and implement a shared national vision which is inclusive, promotes tolerance, encourages investment, and safeguards property rights, address past violence, reconciliation,

How to develop a plan of action that address the 3 wicked problems of inequality, poverty and unemployment is still missing

How to restore confidence in our economy, for investors, for foreign direct investments and not mortgage our future, our children’s inheritance in debt

How to restore constitutional legitimacy, the return of soldiers to the barracks is a first step, which should be celebrated, but this is not the end, civilian processes and institutions should be allowed to function with fear, bias or favour.

How to regain standing in international community should be equally grounded in internal reforms that remove justification for continued isolation of Zimbabwe for her peers.


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