I am a president of everyone says Mnangagwa


Comrade Delegates

I urge the Party to introspect and self adjust in conformity with the principles, mores and genes of the ZANU PF. In this regard, Article 2 of our Party’s Constitution outlines the Aims and Objectives of our Party as inter alia being, “to oppose resolutely tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, corruption, racism, religious fanaticism, xenophobia and related intolerance, discrimination on the grounds of sex and all forms of exploitation of man by man in Zimbabwe,”(Section 14).

In line with this instruction therefore, my ascendance to the helm of the party must never be interpreted as a defeat of one faction and installation of another. My Presidency should not be perceived as a rise in the fortunes of a region, or a tribe or a totem, no. My Presidency is about a united ZANU-PF, a national party with a national outlook.

I stand before you therefore as the President of a united, non-racial Zimbabwe, itself home to many tongues, dialects, cultures, colours, age groups. I am a President of women and men; the young and the old; the able-bodied and the physically challenged; the rich and the poor; the well and the sick. I am an emissary of all the veterans and heroes, dead or alive who through their blood sketched the cause and mission which my Presidency must promote, must actualise and advance.

I am a President for Ndebeles, Shonas, Zezurus,Ndaus, Karangas, Manyikas, Vendas , the Chewas, Sothos.

I am also the President for the Tongas, Tswanas, Xhosas, Khoisans, Shangaans, Kalangas, Nambyans and other races, all who are celebrated in our national Constitution.

The role you have given me, and the Office you have inserted me into can never be partitioned to anyone.

The praise song I desire, if you were to sing one is that of our national anthem and those from liberation struggle. Sing those to me and I am content and overjoyed! In the light of the above, regionalism, factionalism and titles such as “G40” and “Lacoste” must be condemned and migrate from the body of our Party forthwith. As the leadership of the Party gathered in this Extraordinary Session of Congress, let us commit to unite the Party membership.

We must be unwavering, consistent and persistent. I urge us all to unflinchingly toe the Party line as guided by our Party Constitution. Indiscipline, corruption and desecration of the values of Ubuntu/Hunhu must never, never again find place in our Party.

Ndiro gwara reZanu-PF, ndiro gwara remusangano.

Comrades Delegates,

This Congress must define a new trajectory for our party and our country.

Let us reassert discipline, order and harmony in the Party and put behind us victimisation and which hunting of the past.

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