How Ramaphosa dealt with Grace Mugabe’s issue


Where the executive make mistakes when taking certain decisions, we have a system that has checks and balances. Therefore, what we should now allow with the decision that has been taken is, to allow the courts of our country, who are the arbiters and are able to resolve the disputes between various components of the government.

Also, it is not a situation where we are always running to the courts for assistance. This is a case in point, and as I said to you, this is a difficult case. We should therefore allow the courts to rule on it. Indeed, I would like the courts to rule as quickly as possible on this matter, so that we know precisely how the executive should behave in future.

I am awaiting that, and if you like, I would say that we welcome the fact that the matter has been taken to court. We will not run away from that, and the courts will then take a decision on this matter. But rest assured, we will never waiver on the issue of human rights. Thank you very much.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr C T Frolick): Order, order hon members! The next follow up question is to be taken by hon Xalisa. Is the hon member here?

Mr N S MATIASE: House Chair!

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr C T Frolick): Are you taking the follow up question on behalf of the member?

Mr N S MATIASE: Yes! More often than not when the Deputy President is found wanting on moral questions such as human rights question, common and often regular offenders such as Zuma appears to be born-again Christians, almost close to sainthood. Now, I want to ask him, is he prepared to go down with the people like Zuma and them, and take the fall for them? Why can’t he stand up now in defence of the South Africans?

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I didn’t get the real sort of heart of the question. Am I prepared to go down on my knees; am I prepared to go underground or am I prepared to go wherever? I didn’t quite get the question.

What we have said is that, the ANC and this government places the issue of human rights extremely high. In fact if you like, it was this issue that really inspired the ANC to be formed, and we will not retreat on the issue of human rights and respect for human rights. Thank you very much. [Applause.]

Mr Z N MBHELE: Chairperson, Deputy President, during this reply session you have spoken a lot about the missteps made, the mistakes made and the faltering made by this government. But the fact is that, the real leadership would be the one that learns from those mistakes and that enforces accountability to set a new benchmark that prevents them being repeated again.

What we have seen with the Grace Mugabe episode, is a situation where principle was sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. So, facts on the table! Will you admit that this ANC government does not in fact believe in, or practice principled and accountable governance, because if it did, Mrs Mugabe would not have been allowed to get away scot-free? [Applause.]

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