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Civil servants cautioned

The public service must adapt and borrow heavily from the private sector techniques and innovativeness.

The service we provide the public must be viewed as products or goods and services. Our clients the tax payer and general public are the true consumers.

We must advertise our service so that consumers know what services we provide and where and how it can be obtained.

Too often, the povo do not know where to go for service. They knock at every government door in sight in search of service. They are fed up of being told -sorry, we are not responsible for what you want.

The people who sleep on queues at CABS outlets are inconvenienced but they are assured of service at the end of the day. That is more than can be said of our customers.

Some of our civil servants are not civil at all. Quite a number spend inordinate time on the phone talking with relatives and friends.

A number have reduced Mukwati, Kaguvi or similar government buildings into musikas, selling everything from eggs, chickens, vegetables, fruits, watches, radios and clothing during working hours.

Not only are public buildings not authorised musikas but hawking requires a licence -Eddison Zvobgo.


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