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Businessman awarded $ 3 000 for detention

An Avoca (Filabusi) businessman who was arrested at a cattle sale and later detained for five days before being released without being charged was awarded $3 000 when he sued the police officer and the Minister of Home Affairs for unlawful and unjustified detention.

The police officer P.O. (now Sgt) Mahlekete claimed he had arrested the businessman, Leonard Ndlovu, because he had reasonable grounds to suspect that Ndlovu had committed the crime of stock theft.

Ndlovu said Mahlekete visited his butchery at Avoca and pointed out that some cattle that had been slaughtered had not been recorded in the register as required. Ndlovu therefore had to pay a fine of $100.

Ndlovu said he promised to pay the money later as they were going to a cattle sale. He went with the police to the sale and soon after the sale Mahlekete knocked him on the head with a stick and asked him why he was selling so many cattle.

After the sale Ndlovu was ordered into a truck and taken to West Nicholson together with his uncle. Ndlovu paid the $100 fine and they proceeded to Gwanda.

Ndlovu was, however, dropped at Colleen Bawn where he was detained for five days.


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