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Bindura connection

News that a Bindura Town Council official is living in fear because of pressure from political heavyweights who do not want him to approve applications by some companies that want to invest in the town should immediately be investigated.

This is particularly urgent since the official had the audacity to break this news to the Mashonaland Central Provincial Development Committee which is supposed to spearhead development not only in Bindura but the province as a whole.

The man might actually be at the end of his tethers so now that the cat is out, senior government officials or even the President himself should intervene since political heavyweights are allegedly involved.

One thing that should be of major concern is that one of the projects stalled could have created 200 jobs. These are jobs that the people of Bindura cannot afford to let go especially in view of the impending structural adjustment programme which is likely to lead to retrenchments.

Another thing that should be of great concern is that if the heavyweights can stall investment in the town thus depriving hundreds, if not thousands, of people of valuable jobs what more are they capable of doing?


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