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Zimbabweans among the unhappiest people in the world!

Zimbabweans are among the unhappiest people in the world according to the latest World Happiness Report released by the United Nations.

Zimbabwe was ranked 144 out of 156 countries in the 2018 survey.

Three other southern African countries that seem to be doing better than Zimbabwe were ranked lower with Botswana at 146, Malawi at 147 and Tanzania- one of the fastest growing countries in the world- at 153.

Nordic countries topped the list with Finland at number 1 followed by Norway and Denmark.

Sweden was at number 9.

The world’s richest country, the United States was ranked 18 with the United Kingdom a notch down at 19.

The second richest country, China, was way down at 86 behind Mauritius which was at 55 but better off than South Africa at 105.


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