We don’t care a hoot what the British say- ZANU-PF chief whip


Mr. Speaker Sir, perhaps time has come for us to go to the International Courts and demand reparations from the British for the atrocities they committed during the colonial era, and indeed even today through illegal economic sanctions that are designed to make Zimbabwe bleed, only because we dared take back our land. Mr. Speaker Sir, why is Mr. Peter Hain lying, who lied to him that Ms Henrietta Rushwaya is President Mnangagwa’s niece? Is there anything honourable in parroting and reproducing falsehoods from social media platforms in the so-called House of Lords, perhaps House of Lies?

In his ignorance, Mr. Peter Hain insinuates that what Ms Henrietta Rushwaya did had the blessings of the President, what a load of rubbish from a supposed to be Lord.

The arrest of Ms Rushwaya is clear testimony that President Mnangagwa is walking the talk on corruption and economic saboteurs of whom we have many in this country, but who are being hunted day and night by the security forces. Thieves will be brought to book. These criminals do not have political colours, they are found in all race groups. We commend our Government for arresting Henrietta and her accomplices and strongly condemn the ill informed rants on our issues that we were treated to yesterday in the British House of Lords. Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation. We are no longer a British colony. The British killed our people, they have the heads of our forefathers kept in their museums to this day as evidence of their murderous past. They killed women, Nehanda was hanged by them. History is littered with their killings, looting and abuses of Africans. Today they spend half of their sitting discussing how to manage an independent country – that is unacceptable Mr. Speaker.

HON K. PARADZA: I rise to inform this House that on 27 October, the British House of Lords, conducted yet another of their meandering debates on the situation in Zimbabwe.

The obsession with Zimbabwe continues – reflecting, sadly, their Lordship lingering nostalgia for an Empire forever lost, and perhaps their frustration with the inescapable truth of ever-dwindling British influence across the swathes of territory, where it was once said that the ‘Sun Never Set.’

This was yet another manifestation of the mindset illustrated by Lord Adrian Palmer in 2019, when he advocated that Zimbabwe’s problems could only be resolved by way of British recolonisation.

No doubt, having delivered this gem of policy advice to his fellow peers – all unelected by the way – the venerable Lord must have returned to the Members Bar where, one assumes, he had already spent a large portion of his day. Even sadder, Mr Speaker is the evident disdain, condescension and ill-will their Lordships harbour towards the Government of Zimbabwe and the deep-rooted ignorance of our situation reflected in many of their questions and observations.

Note how the UK and others always speak of their support for the people of Zimbabwe – they never speak of their support for the Government of Zimbabwe.  They always shout about the millions of dollars of humanitarian assistance they dispense to Zimbabwe.  British assistance is a fact and we are grateful for it.  But, none of it is channelled through Government or Treasury.  One assumes that somewhere along the line, the funds are audited and accounted for.  As Government and also as Parliament, we are not privy to that information.  Their message though is that, we the British are assisting you the people of Zimbabwe because your own Government is failing to do so, which is nonsense.

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