Mliswa says Mugabe lied to Parliament


Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa yesterday said President Robert Mugabe lied to Parliament last week when he said that only 30 pieces of legislation remained to be aligned with the new constitution, but he diplomatic chose to say someone “misinformed him”.

“I am going through the legislative agenda.  I see that out of the 206 pieces of legislation identified as requiring alignment to the Constitution, only 30 remain outstanding.  That is misleading, totally misleading,” Mliswa said. 

“We have got 455 that need to be aligned.  Out of the 455, we have not even done 50.  This is serious.

“We have not done 50, so what are we doing?  So, I do not know who misinformed the President. 

“It was well worded that out of the 206 pieces of legislation identified, what about the 455?  There are some which certainly were supposed to come which are of fundamental importance.”

Mliswa also said while the President had commended the security forces for peace that prevailed in the country, peace without economic transformation is not peace.

He said the government seemed to have abandoned economic development and its economic blueprint, ZIMASSET.

“It is pretty clear that the ZIMASSET, the economic blue print, is now not being talked about.  Neither have they come up with anything to replace ZIMASSET.  It is not talked about and there is nothing to replace it. So, which economic path are we on?” he asked.

“So ZIMASSET, in terms of it ensuring that the economy comes in, there is a 10 Point Plan again, which came through to try and convince the electorate that ZIMASSET was operational.  The 10 Point Plan again, nothing has happened.  I would have loved hearing the President responding to ZIMASSET.  I would have loved the President to respond to the 10 – Point Plan – how effective has it been in addressing the issues that he set up.”

Mliswa said the same applied to the much-heralded Command Agriculture programme.

“The Command Agriculture has been excellent but that must be complemented by industry taking off.  Without industry, we still have not gotten to where we are supposed to get to,” he said.

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