Tough times force government to speed up recognition of informal sector.

Faced with the bitter realisation that gains expected from the economic structural adjustment programme and trade liberalisation like increased investment and employment creation are not forthcoming, the government seems to have been forced to move faster to recognise the informal sector – a sector long advocated by the World Bank, one of the major architects and sponsors of ESAPS.

Bid to rob Government foiled.

In a typical example of how the government could be losing thousands of dollars through tax evasion, the High Court in Bulawayo, recently heard the case of a company that intended to purchase a property in Binga for $450 000 but would reflect a purchase price of $300 000 while the remainder was to be paid in cash “under the table.” The deal backfired when the seller was offered $500 00 cash by another buyer, but he was still taken to court to show cause why he should not sell to the company which engineered the deal and had entered into an agreement of sale first.