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Zimbabwe’s Command Agriculture and homosexuals

Chiwenga also blasted those leaking of confidential information discussed in party meetings arguing that this was the height of indiscipline which was unacceptable.

 “We have fought a bitter armed struggle and we have never seen it that whatever was discussed at the High Command was leaked to the cadres. What was discussed at the Central Committee of the party was respected and they would tell the cadres what they need to know.

“They could argue and no one would ever talk. We were in the front. We would meet the commanders and sometimes disagree on strategy but it would never reach the ears of the fighters.

“Even those who were there to record what was being discussed would never open their mouths.

“Now before a meeting is complete we already see it on Twitter. What is that? Discipline has been completely lost. Now it shows when individuals come and say I will destroy, not only the party, but the entire system from inside.

“The papers are there for everyone to read. We say enough is enough. This nonsense can no longer be tolerated at all. People have perished because of this land. They died for the land.

“You think you can divide people, to divide and rule, and bring confusion to the people.

“No, it doesn’t work like that.

“This spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, of homosexuals should go back where it came from …

“And this programme (Command Agriculture) we will support it, and support our Commander-in-Chief. It must continue until the end.”

Mugabe has condemned homosexuals as worse than pigs and dogs.



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