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Zimbabwean woman arrested in India with 12.5kg of drugs

A Zimbabwean woman identified as Sandra Moyo was today arrested in India with 12.5 kg of ephedrine. Moyo was arrested by the Central Industrial Security Force which had “profiled” her and her suspicious activity. A body search revealed nothing but when her luggage went through the x-ray scanner 12.5 kg of ephedrine was discovered. She was on her way to Johannesburg. Last year, at least two Zimbabwean women were arrested for drug possession. Cellia Dhomingo was arrested in December with 20kg of ephedrine on the way to Doha en route to Harare. In April a woman identified as Elder Rizive was arrested with 25 kg of ephedrine on her way to Johannesburg. Ephedrine has been described as the “poor man’s cocaine” and is popular in South Africa where it sells for 10 times the price in India. Reports from India have said that drug dealers are targeting African women as couriers.



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