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Zimbabwe to give white farmers five-year leases, blacks 99-year leases

On black farmers, Mombeshora said the government is scrapping the provision that said they must prove to be productive before they could be given leases.

“The law says one can get an offer letter and only get a 99-year lease after three years upon assessment by government to verify levels of production and infrastructure that would have been developed on that piece of land during the period under review,

“But we have refined the lease to be bankable, and it defies logic to give the lease after three years and upon seeing production because there will not be any production as the farmer would have failed to get funding.

“Therefore, farmers need the lease first so that they access funding from the banks. We are looking at ensuring that farmers get 99-year leases at the time they go onto the land or are approved to occupy a piece of land.”


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