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Zimbabwe police to stop demanding spot fines

HON. KHUPE:  Hon. Speaker, you have asked the Minister to go and do investigations so that he brings a correct answer.  However, I think it is important that when he does those investigations, he knows exactly what transpired.  It was a meeting in Lupane East at a homestead and I was part of that meeting together with Hon. Muchenje and Hon, D. Ndlovu and we were teargased by police after we had a meeting which was a political meeting of innocent citizens.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: This is why I have said he has to go and do his investigations. If you were there, he will mention that you were there and that is the purpose of investigations.

HON. MACHINGAUTA: Thank you Mr. Speaker. My supplementary question is arising from the Minister’s response that our police are getting good training for them to do their work and that whatever they do out there is out of their head. Section 208 of our Constitution states that policemen are not allowed to take unlawful orders from anyone. In Zimbabwe we hear that when police arrest someone, we see political figures having their influence and order that those people be released. I do not know whether the Minister is engaging the people like the Vice President so that he will not intervene when the police are doing their work.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: Yesterday the Speaker of Parliament sitting in here took trouble to talk about points of order. I am not going to entertain anymore points of order. I will only give you as the last one and no more points of order.

HON. MLISWA: My point of order is that the Hon. Member must state which Vice President because they are two.

 HON. MGUNI:  Firstly, I have understood his question and it might not be a policy issue. However, the Vice President is somebody who has got a very huge responsibility in this country who cannot give unlawful orders. The police are trained in a way that they cannot take any unlawful order. I thank you.


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