Zimbabwe police scaring tourists including 10-year-olds!


I really tried to ensure that I would comply with every rule in the book by researching everything I could find regarding Zimbabwean road regulations on the internet.

 I truly believe it is important to abide to and respect the laws of the country one visits.

My confidence in all my preparations was soon shattered.

30 km outside Vic Falls an officer wanted to fine me $40 for not having the right type of reflective stickers (which was absolutely acceptable the previous year!).

To my knowledge, Zimbabwe is the only country in the region requiring these stickers on a normal vehicle.


Doesn`t a vehicle have rear lights that shine at night?

After my polite attempts to reason, the officer “mercifully” brought the fine down to $20.

I guess I had to be very thankful for not receiving an illegal $40 dollar fine ($20 is the max spot fine as I have found out).

My companion, who wanted to take photographs of the roadblock and officers was threatened with arrest, because it is apparently “illegal” to do so.

If it had not been for my passengers who really wanted to see the Falls and my pre-booking of our stay, I would have, once again, turned around and gone back to Botswana via Pandamatenga for a cheaper holiday.

It goes beyond reason, that Zimbabwean authorities would alienate tourists when the immediate “competition” (Botswana), that has similar attractions, welcome tourists with open arms!

My conclusion was that however hard you try to oblige and respect every road requirement/rule, the police will (creatively) find an excuse to exact a penalty (or worse) and one has to include this frustrating eventuality into your budget when considering a visit to Zimbabwe.

Even though a return trip to Zimbabwe will always remain on my wish list, my advice to all my friends who make enquiries about a potential trip to Zimbabwe, is to rather spend their time and money in Botswana or Namibia.

There are no cops scaring the fear of God into a 10-year old!- The Source


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