Zimbabwe MP complains: what can I do with a paltry $1 000 a month


HON. MLISWA: Madam Speaker, with due respect, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Adv. Jacob Mudenda and the President of the Senate are on annual leave paid by Parliament at this point in time.  So, they are getting their welfare taken care of going on holiday, but we are here.  So what are you to say about that?  There are packages they are getting.  On annual leave, the Speaker goes on holiday spending money, but we are here suffering.  So, why then should our leader go on annual leave while his children are suffering?  How can a father be eating well and the children are suffering?  To me, he must be fighting for us, which means we are standing up like this because no one is fighting for us.  We have got to a point where if we do not fight, no one will fight for us and that is what we are doing right now and we are going to fight for ourselves.

We cannot go to our constituencies because we are being accused of not doing our job when we have no funding.  MPs are selling fuel coupons in order to get money.  Our dignity and integrity is no longer there and therefore, we cannot go back to our constituencies.  Ministers are being given coupons, pay and new cars, but we have nothing.

Madam Speaker, there is no CDF and so, this issue should be taken to our leaders that we are tired.  Tomorrow, there is the pre-budget where we will be just given food and we stay in hotels.  We are tired of just eating and staying in hotels.  We want our money and our Ipads so that we can see what we can do.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  On the issue of those who are on holidays, I do not have anything to debate about that one, but what I want to tell you is that all those issues are being looked into – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – Yes, we will come and report to you when there is any outcome, not to just promise you.

*HON. MASHAYAMOMBE:  Thank you Madam Speaker.  I understand that you saw me discussing with my colleagues and we were talking about the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).  We know that if the President was to hear that I was mourning for CDF, the President would be very much worried.  Since I came into this Parliament in 2013, I have never received anything and it pains us a lot.

We promised our constituencies that we were going to carry out some developmental projects, but to date I have not been able to carry out any developmental projects. We need these CDF so that we develop our constituencies.

*THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Hon. Mashayamombe, thank you very much for your contribution.  We are saying this is going to be of benefit to all Members of Parliament who have constituencies when we get the CDF which is going to be allocated to us.  That is why I am urging you Members of Parliament to attend the pre-budget where we are going to hold discussions – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – You are not going? Hon. Mandipaka, you may ignore me but I hear what you are saying.  The Minister of Finance is going to attend the meeting tomorrow whereby all these issues will be discussed. So, our wish is that all Hon. Members get what is due to them.

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