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Zimbabwe is no country for nice men like Nkosana Moyo

He has a great C.V.

Unlike most political leaders in Zimbabwe, he started and ran a successful business.

He worked for large global finance corporations and knows how the modern world works.

He speaks well and, at least according to Twitter, he would make for a dashing Presidential portrait.

Sadly for him, that may not be enough.

He may appeal to a minority that is tired of Mugabe, but is unsure Tsvangirai represents change from Mugabe-style politics.

But for Moyo, expanding his support outside this small group will need both brawn and brain, but certainly more of the brawn.

For now at least, Moyo doesn’t seem to have the will, and perhaps not even the means, to go down that route.

Zimbabwean political history is littered with the dead hopes of men and women who thought good ideas alone would convince voters.

Decades of bitter battles for power have polarised the country and left little room for smooth talking third options.

A battle must be fought to convince Zimbabwe that there can be another type of politics.

It will be a tough one.

Nice guys are treated with suspicion.

Nice guys lose, whether inside government as ministers or outside as opposition.

This, so far, is no country for nice men.



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