ZANU-PF youth leader says they are solidly behind Mugabe – ED responds


As a revolutionary party, Zanu-PF is evolving and placing itself at the forefront of the constitutional dispensation we fought the oppressor for and obtained. Creative destruction and change of guard in certain areas has always been the nature of the beast. Comrade Chiwenga alluded to several rebellions which were quashed but forgot to mention that the majority were caused, motivated and driven by egotistical military individuals who thought the revolutionary sun rose and sat on their backs. The principle which established ZANU-PF is very clear. The guns will follow the politics and not the politics following the guns. Cde Chiwenga, therefore, cannot be allowed to dictate who will lead the Parry and the Country.

As the youth, we are in our millions and at present the majority in the country. It is our country and future at stake and we will not let any individual military man interfere with the Leader of the Party and legitimately voted President of this country Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. All those in the insecurity sector fatigues who wish to engage in politics are free to throw their hats in the ring and not hide behind the barrel of a gun. We also wish to remind them that conniving and conspiring to overthrow a constitutionally elected government is a crime in this country and anywhere in the world. The African Union and SADC position on this issue is very dear and we as the youth will stand guard in defence of the revolution like the people of Turkey last year who repelled rogue security forces from interfering with an elected government.

Freedom of expression is a right enshrined in the constitution and criticising public organs like the security sector and the government are the lifeblood of any democracy. The security sector like any other individual or organ of the state will not be immune to criticism including you Comrade Chiwenga as you are a servant appointed (not elected) to serve the people.

We also note with concern that the renewal of the party and strengthening of its organs by replacing deadwood, traitors, looters and common criminals is being taken as an attack on war veterans. There are thousands of war veterans keeping a fortified guard with the youth and save for shallow and empty characters like Mutsvangwa, Matemadande Mahiya and a few lumpen elements, the war veterans are behind the party. These rebel elements who shy away from all democratic processes and have never won or competed in any democratic sphere and understand the language of imposition as they were imposed by Comrade Chiwenga and Comrade Mnangagwa to serve their interest. These characters whose shady appointment at a shadowy Masvingo conference funded by a businessman whom we shall not name at the moment are the ones acting as foot soldiers for Comrade Chnvenga and the Lacoste faction to advance the successionist agenda of the fugitive Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

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