ZANU-PF MP asks should Ekusileni Hospital in Bulawayo change its name to R. Mugabe Hospital so that it can start functioning?


The President also spoke about the economy. I looked at the issue of the pricing system and I was saying to myself, here we are and I will give an example of Croco Motors. Just a few weeks ago, when you take your car for servicing, it would cost you about $200.00 to $300.00 but right now, if you go there it is costing you around $700.00 to $1 000.00 and you are saying to yourself, what price adjustment and justification do you get from such kind of hiking of prices? You go to the shops and see the basic commodities, it is the same thing. Why, this is because somebody is speculating and playing around with percentages on the bond notes and the US$.

How fair can we be Madam Speaker? If you go to Fourth Street right now or go to Bulawayo at Tredegold, you are going to find trunks and trunks of money, be it US$ or bond notes but at the end of the day, the blame goes to the President, the Government, ZANU PF and whatever and yet we are there as ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe, allowing ourselves to do such dirty things and turn a blind eye to that. I can tell you that some of the money is coming from the banks and the banks have got tellers and managers in the streets that are doing that. If you go to those people in the streets, they are working for somebody. Yes, we have got other Government officials that are corrupt and we have got other bankers that are also corrupt.

So, how do we solve those kind of things? We are now… 

Hon. Wadyajena and others having been making noise.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Wadyajena, please lower your voices. If you have a meeting, you can go out and have that meeting with that other Hon. Member.

HON. WADYAJENA: We are celebrating something.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: I do not want to hear about your celebration in this House. Your celebration should be done outside this House.

HON. WADYAJENA: I am sorry Madam Speaker.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Okay, can we proceed.

HON. J. TSHUMA: Thank you Madam Speaker. When I speak about issues that affect the people back in Matabeleland, I am very passionate about it and I want people to understand that. If it does not affect you in your area, it is good enough but let us represent the people from our areas because it is affecting us directly. Madam Speaker, I can see that my time is quickly running out. There is another issue again which the President touched on, the issue of education.

There is a reality that people want to run away from. Right now in Matabeleland, if you go to most schools, we are beginning to have a situation whereby the Ndebele language is not going to be taught properly because there are no properly qualified teachers who are supposed to be teaching that language. I want us to understand each other because we are not being tribalistic or regionalistic, but what I am saying is that a Ndebele teacher must be a Ndebele person so that it is easy. A Shona teacher must be a Shona person and it is simple and straight forward. There is no way that you are going to expect a Shona person to go and teach Ndebele in Matabeleland. It is distortion.

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