ZANU-PF MP asks should Ekusileni Hospital in Bulawayo change its name to R. Mugabe Hospital so that it can start functioning?


Our people back there are saying that what is happening and what are you guys doing? So, I had an opportunity this weekend and approached Dr. Nyasha Masuka who was appointed to head the committee that is supposed to make sure that hospital is functional. When I approached him I said, Doctor you are fooling who here? Why is this thing not functioning? Do you know what happened? He actually showed me evidence saying that there are about nine international companies and three local guys who have put in their proposals and are willing to make sure that hospital can be opened yesterday, but maybe because somebody somewhere wants a cut somewhere they are hindering that thing from opening. Is that right? – [HON. MLISWA: Inaudible interjection.] –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, Hon. Mliswa please.

HON.  J. TSHUMA: There is another hospital in Mashonaland Central, I think somewhere in Mt. Darwin which is almost like that and it is functioning. The one in Bulawayo, the late Vice President J. Nkomo died and left it not functioning. Another Vice President came in, a Dr. J. L. Nkomo and he died and it is still not functioning, right.  Now, we have got another Vice President, should he die again and still it will not be functioning? How fair is that to the people of Bulawayo and Matebeleland and when they start talking you think they are being tribalistic, yet these are sincere things that are there – things that are not working or functioning.

I know that all these things, people will start putting the blame on the President. It is not the President but somebody down there who is playing silly games, trying to get money from nowhere. I would like this to be put on record that this thing of Ekusileni matter must be investigated because I am told that the companies are there. The companies are ready, but now because those companies are not willing to sort of bribe so the whole process is being stalled. That is not fair Madam Speaker and we should not allow such things to happen.

Madam Speaker, I listened very carefully to the President and when he mentioned the issue of labour, I quickly thought of some of our fellows. I have got members in my constituency of Pelandaba-Mpopoma who are pensioners. They are failing to get their pension. Even if it is little, why are they not being given their pensions? Some worked for the police, council and other different companies but they are being told to go to Harare and fix their pension, yet when they were working they were working in Bulawayo. Why are they not being sorted out in Bulawayo. Where are they going to get the money to come to Harare?

Besides, when they come to Harare, they have no relatives and have to fork out money for accommodation, food and everything, and already they are pensioners. Their pensions are so meager. Where is our heart? Where is our Ubuntu, Hunhu hwedu? Where is it when we fail to cushion our elders who have worked all their lives and when they now want their pensions, they cannot get them but we have got a whole Ministry here, a whole system. The President has appointed but what are you doing when you have been appointed? That is the question. We need to make sure that these things are put into perspective because we cannot sit down and dilly-dally and go round and round and want to beautify what is ugly. When something is ugly, it is ugly. Do not end up saying that no, your shadow is beautiful. It can never be like that. So, we need to have these kind of things done Madam Speaker.

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