ZANU-PF and MDC-T unite to force Chinamasa to reconsider appointment of Ndudzo as auditor-general


THE HON. SPEAKER:  Order, order just a minute – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – Order, order Hon. Mashakada and Hon. Mutseyami please.  One good thing about us human beings is that we are endowed with the gift of listening, let us not abuse it.  If you have got contrary views, you can stand up, be recognised and argue your case, but I shall not allow any shouting down of the Hon. Minister.

 Secondly, Hon. Minister, I am not sure you said my statement was defamatory or what?

HON. CHINAMASA:  No, no I said statements to the effect that she was fired – that is not correct and defamatory.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Alright fine, thank you.

HON. CHINAMASA:  Equally, I did not also take kindly that The Herald would say a new Auditor-General has been appointed when in fact that was also not correct.  We want facts here and I also hope that Hon. Members stick to the facts when they debate on these issues.


HON. CHINAMASA:  Not to be speculating, if we enter into speculative debate here, it is not good even for the reputation of Mrs. Chiri.  If the House could give me an opportunity, I would be able to basically advise how I want to continue utilising her experience in other respects – given some of the reorganization that we are doing.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Thank you.

HON. CHINAMASA:  Mr. Speaker, I basically want to explain to the House and I can swear an Affidavit to what I am telling this House and other Hon. Members will not be able to do that.  – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –

She has continued in that office for more than a year, probably 18 months after her term of office had expired.  At the will of His Excellency the President, there is no problem that the Government has with the performance of Mai Chiri with respect to the discharge of her functions as Auditor-General.  We had no problems that she be given another six year term which would have made her to have served in that capacity for 20 years.  Like I said, she has been in that office since 1983 and has rendered illustrious service.

 She was appointed to the post of Auditor in 1984 and she served in that capacity until 1986.  She was further promoted in 1986 to Senior Auditor grade and she served in that capacity until 1988.  She was further promoted to Assistant Director of Audit in 1988 and she served in that capacity until 1991.  She was further promoted to Director of Audit grade in 1991 and she served in that capacity for a year or two to 1993.  In 1993, she was appointed Deputy Auditor-General Parastatals post and she served in that capacity until 2004 when she was appointed Auditor-General.  She has served in that capacity, as I said, her second two six year term expired February last year.  As I have mentioned, I asked her to continue after I had received legal opinion that she was eligible for another term because the terms which preceded the new Constitution do not count.  That is the opinion I was given. I had no time to verify it, so I approached her last year to say I want to recommend that you continue and she said no.  I went to the President to say I want her to continue but she has said no.  What do we do?  He said you need to persuade her.  I went back and she said no.  So, I said can you continue in this office until I find a replacement and she has continued for almost 18 months.

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