ZANU-PF and MDC-T unite to force Chinamasa to reconsider appointment of Ndudzo as auditor-general


THE HON. SPEAKER: This is the time for debate.  I do not want to disrupt the Hon. Minister’s motion.  Can you debate the motion.  Can you approach the Chair.

Hon. Chinotimba approached the Chair.

HON. HOLDER: Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir for giving me this opportunity to contribute towards the Hon. Minister’s motion.  Mr. Speaker Sir, after the explanation that the Hon. Minister has put towards this House and after your ruling, a few things have run through my head as I was going through the Curriculum Vitae (C.V) of Mr. Mike Ndudzo.  If you take note Mr. Speaker, you are very passionate about the Auditor General’s Report and every Member of Parliament in this House is also very passionate.  All our debates arise from the Auditor General’s Report.  However, taking note of the C.V that has been presented to each Hon. Member, you will see that most of the companies that this Michael Ndudzo have worked for are in big problems – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –

His C.V is very colourful with all sorts of information but with so many companies that are currently battling it out.  Dorowa Minerals has not been operating for a long time until it was recapitalised later.  If you look at Modzone Enterprises, it is bankrupt and Sunway has failed to take over.  If you look at all these companies that he mentioned here Mr. Speaker, my question is – why were public interviews not held? A person who was handpicked, I suspect foul play there; why handpick one person instead of having public interviews?

Mr. Speaker Sir, in such a short period of time, look at the number of companies this man has worked for.  None of these companies are operating smoothly, including National Railways of Zimbabwe.  Firstel has got a problem.  So, I feel that there should have been a panel where public interviews are held and Public Accounts is contacted.  I am sure there are other people who have C.Vs, who are eligible to hold that office.

However, for us to just accept to say so and so has been appointed or recommended to His Excellency, where somebody is actually misleading His Excellency by telling him false information – I am not a professional Mr. Speaker, but I want to say to you that his academics and everything on the C.V is pretty good, but again when you look at the companies he had put reference to, you will find that there is a bad track record and anything he touches turns to rubbish.  On that note Mr. Speaker, I rest my case.

*HON. KWARAMBA: Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.  I rise to say a few words concerning appointment of Mr. Ndudzo to the Auditor General’s Office.  I heard the Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development saying Mr. Ndudzo has a wealth of experience.  However, if we look at the track record of Mr. Ndudzo, everywhere he once led, the joint ventures he did with IDC were not successful. So, I realised that we are talking of Mr. Ndudzo who has not done anything fruitful in the past – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –  I am saying the appointment of Mr. Ndudzo could have been a result of a recommendation by some people whom he associate with and have told lies to the President – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –

Mrs. Chiri was doing a splendid job.  We read the Reports she came up with which were presented to us by the Public Accounts Committee. We know that Mrs Chiri, as a mother, a woman does good work – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] – Women as you can see do not steal; we do not want to destroy the country – (Hon. Members chant Chiri, Chiri, Chiri.) – Thank you.  We want to develop our country so that our children can get employed but if there is corruption, our country is brought to ruin.  We feel that this woman should be given another term of office so that she continues with her work because in my opinion, she was doing a good job.  She should continue doing her job and not replace here with men who steal. Thank you.

Hon. Members chant Chiri, Chiri, Chiri.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development approached the Chair.

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