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Who will have the last laugh- Grace Mugabe or Mnangagwa?

Some war veterans, however, say the dismissal of Mnangagwa has paved the way for him to reclaim the party as he stated in his tweet and bring it back to its founding principles, ethos and values.

It is not clear whether this is not just wishful thinking as all structures are now being run by the so-called G40 faction of ZANU-PF and those who are believed to be behind Mnangagwa, the war veterans led by Christopher Mutsvangwa were expelled from the party.

Asked whether ZANU-PF was not facing the same danger that affected founding parties in Kenya where the Kenya African National Union, Malawi where the Malawi Congress Party and Zambia where the United National Independence Party, died with the founding leader, one war veteran said ZANU-PF was different.

“KANU, MCC and UNIP were all nationalist parties. ZANU-PF is a liberation party. War veterans will not allow it to collapse or die,” he said.

War veterans secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda at one time said Mugabe had lost direction because he must be watching who is cheering him whether it is those whom he was with during the liberation struggle or not.

He said Mugabe can do whatever he wants with ZANU, but not with ZANU-PF because ZANU belonged to anyone but the PF belongs to the liberation fighters, both former ZANLA and former ZIPRA.

As they say when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

While leaders of ZANU-PF are squabbling, it is the people, whom they claim to represent, that are suffering.




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