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Which country has the highest number of billionaires in Africa?

If you said Nigeria, you are wrong. It is not South Africa, either. It is Egypt. According to the latest billionaire report from Wealth-X, Africa has 40 billionaires with a total wealth of US$114 billion. This is a drop of two from last year, but total wealth is up by US$13 billion. Of the forty, 13 are from Egypt and their total wealth is US$37 billion. Last year Egypt had 19 billionaires with a total wealth of US$32 billion. Nigeria has four more billionaires this year from seven last year. Their wealth increased from US$20 billion to US$36 billion. South Africa has one more billionaire, but the nine from last year had more wealth. They had US$30 billion, but now 10 only share US$28 billion. Morocco has five billionaires one more than last year with a total wealth of US$12 billion up from US$10 billion last year. And the last billionaire is from Kenya and has only US$1 billion. There are 2 325 billionaires in the world. Their total wealth is US$7.3 trillion.


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