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What Zimbabwe MPs said about the Constitution Amendment Bill-Part Two

HON. GONESE:  No, no, no Hon. Chamisa raised a fundamental point.  Sorry this is the last point that I am going to raise.

THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON: We agreed that was the last point you were going to raise.

HON. GONESE:  No, it is an important issue Mr. Chairman.

THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON:  Hon. Gonese please, no you cannot.

HON. GONESE: No please it is an important issue,


HON. GONESE:   No, no it is about the ruling Mr. Chair. –  [HON. MATUKE:  On a point of order!] –  He might want to take it on review.


HON. GONESE:  Mr. Chair, when an Hon. Member like Hon. Chamisa  – [HON. MATUKE: Chair, I do not think we can allow the Whip to abuse the House like that.  I do not think it will be fair.] –  No but you are the Chairman and there is only one Chair in this Committee of the whole House.  We cannot – [HON. MATUKE: But you are abusing the rules.] – No, no I am not abusing the rules. I will explain what I want to say if you can just allow me  – [HON. MATUKE: Inaudible interjections.] –  You are not the Chair and no, it is just a fundamental issue about the ruling.

THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON:  Please speak to the point.

HON. GONESE:  Yes, Hon. Chamisa made certain submissions and I think we need a formal ruling because Hon. Chamisa has got the right to take your ruling on review.  So we need your ruling in terms of the reasoning so that we know because if we want to a review.  Any ruling Mr. Chairman must be supported  by the reasons thereof because the issue of a secret ballot is fundamental.  He has given his explanation why he wants it.  So, I just want a formal ruling, giving reasons why you have declined that request so that if we now going to take it further…

 THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON: Order, order! Our Standing Orders as currently configured do not provide for a secret ballot on any matter being considered by the House.  Only the election of the Presiding officers is where voting by secret ballot is allowed.  So, my ruling stands.


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