What Zimbabwe MPs said about the Constitution Amendment Bill- Part Five


 *HON. MAONDERA:  Hon. Chair, I want to ask Hon. Members a question.  How many of them went back to ask the people whether they want this amendment or we just come to this House and talk from our heads without asking what the people want.  This law was voted for by the people during the referendum. If we come here and think that what we want is the best and not what the people whom we represent want – what does it mean?

Secondly, it looks as if we are not in agreement. If you look at the other side, you find that there are a lot of empty spaces, which means that Hon. Members from the other faction are not agreeing. So, if you look at the people who are seated, they are from the Lacoste because all the G40 members have gone out.

THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON: You are out of order Hon. Member.

*HON. MAONDERA:   Thank you Hon. Chair.  What I want to be clear is that when we come here, the salaries that we get come from the taxpayers, so we should do the will of the people.  It is not surprising Hon. Chair that if we go back to each and every constituency asking people …

*THE DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON:  Hon. Member, we are looking at Clause 6, so I think we should concentrate on that clause.

*HON. MAONDERA:  I was just giving an example that Clause 6 is very important because it touches on the lives of people.  So, I am saying before we amend these clauses, we should not repeat what happened when we passed the Sovereign Wealth Bill which was returned.  We ratified another agreement which was returned.  Have we really put our minds to say this is what we want so that we will not put ourselves to shame that after taking this Bill for assent, it is returned because the President has refused to sign.  This has happened before.  So, I am saying we need the assurance to say we are in agreement that this is what we want so that tomorrow we will not be ashamed.

Right now, we have a law on the Order Paper which was returned by the President because he was not happy although this House had agreed to it.  In short, I would want to say let us not just do things for the sake of doing them without thinking deeply.  I am sorry that some people who are urging me to sit down performed badly when they were Deputy Ministers, so I think that they should keep quiet.  Let us really look at this law that we are amending so that tomorrow we will not be ashamed.  Thank you.


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