What transpired yesterday during the impeachment of Mugabe proceedings – full debate


ii)  We have seen our President sleeping through deliberations in Cabinet and even at international meetings – to the horror, shame and consternation of Zimbabwean people and all those people globally who have held him in high esteem as their role model.  We have even seen our President reading the wrong speech in Parliament.

Hon. Speaker Sir, if I may talk like a woman in politics, like the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus, takabviswa chimiro nemudzimai waPresident.  As women of Zimbabwe who have fought side by side with their male colleagues, as women of Zimbabwe who have also achieved education through Government policy through independence to promote the girl child, the women of this country do not deserve to have a woman who brings them down to just like people who shout all the time.

Madzimai varimupolitics vanomirira vanhu.  The women in leadership are there for the interest of the people of this country.  When they demand to be also in decision making positions, they are not demanding for a favour, it is their right.  It is unfortunate that when one apple is rotten, there are some who would like to throw away the whole basket of apples.  Let us throw away the rotten apple.

NOW THERFORE, the Joint Sitting of the National Assembly resolves that the Committee of Standing Rules and Orders appoints a Committee to investigate whether the aforesaid allegations warrant the removal of His Excellency the President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe from office in terms of Section 97 of the Constitution.

Before I sit down, Mr. Speaker Sir, some of us who travel in SADC countries – because at the moment I am the Vice President of the SADC Parliamentary Forum, we have no words to justify the so called First Lady who goes to South Africa and beats up a girl, a citizen of that country.  That totally brought not just the women of Zimbabwe, but the women internationally, into disrepute. On this note, I beg to move my motion.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  I want to remind our visitors in the public gallery to desist from cheering.  Only Members of Parliament can respond.  You will simply listen.

HON. MARIDADI:  Thank you Mr. Speaker.  I wish to bring to your attention Mr. Speaker the sad news of the passing on of the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, one of our Members here who should have been here to witness this momentous occasion but has not been able to be with us because the Lord has decided that he should be with the Lord.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Order Hon. Maridadi, I told your colleague there, Hon. Mliswa the procedure to be followed for that announcement.  Thank you.

HON. MARIDADI:  Thank you Mr. Speaker, I stand guided by your wise counsel.  Fellow Zimbabweans, the time has come.  The time has come for all of us here collectively to put our signature on the departure of the man called Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the presidential candidate for 2018 for ZANU PF – we are sealing his fate and we are showing him the exit.

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