What Chimanikire said about Grace, Mugabe and his bodyguards


I also observe when we talk about labour market flexibility; there is the issue of parastatals.  Parastatals are being exploited by having salaries reduced unilaterally.  Parastatal workers are being exploited by actually losing leave accrued during their service when they are working for the various parastatals.  I cite one – Tel One as one example where I have evidence that was brought to me by some of the workers on how they are being exploited.

When we talk about economic revival, one cannot allow a situation where the President overlooks the issue of Air Zimbabwe or National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ).  In Africa today, there is development of the fast train.  If we look at Ethiopia, the Chinese are building fast trains. Only this afternoon, I learnt that one North African country- [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.] –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order Hon. Members!

HON. CHIMANIKIRE:  I learnt that one North African country was testing a fast train which was going at 275 km/hr.  That is in Africa.  We have underground trains in Johannesburg but however, what we are witnessing in Harare is congestion after congestion of smaller cars, mavitz.

I would like to appeal that even the appointment of parastatal boards should not be done on a partisan or ethnicity basis.  The award of tenders in parastatals is an issue that this Parliament is supposed to discuss.  Let us not be diverted by just aligning laws with the Constitution and overlooking major issues that this Parliament is supposed to discuss.

Paragraph 10 talks of the Cooperating Societies Amendment Bill, if I am to read it correctly, maybe it was supposed to say the Cooperatives Societies Amendment Bill.  The abuse of cooperatives in urban areas is such that there has been the bastardising of urban planning. Where cooperatives start setting up their houses, no servicing will have been conducted.  In other words, structures are put up but there is no drainage system.  If we look at White House, Operation Garikai, those houses were constructed without toilets or any drainage system.  I can see that my time is almost up Madam Speaker.  I wish I would go on and on.

When we talk about infrastructure – I was in Muzarabani yesterday.  In Muzarabani, dams and bridges that were damaged by El-nino have not yet been repaired.  Only one bridge has been repaired.  I travelled a circumference of almost 150kms – roads are damaged and there are more than 15 bridges that have not been repaired.  Which country are we living in? I wonder what the Muzarabani Member of Parliament is going to stand for in order to be re-elected for 2018 because the damage there needs repairs.  Hon. Kanhanga is doing something in his constituency.

In conclusion, I bemoan the absence of pertinent issues in the President’s speech to Parliament which does not address the issue of infrastructure development or rebuilding our national railways so that we can re-coup what we have lost throughout the years.  The speech does not dwell on the issue of road expansion in the urban areas so that we have intertwined roads that move with the times.  Failure to address youth unemployment in this President’s speech leaves a lot to be desired.  With that Madam Speaker, I will stop here and I will continue through other debates.


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