Tsvangirai says geriatrics like Mugabe cannot govern the twitter generation


For us in the MDC and in the broader democratic movement, inheritance means the restoration of dignity and there cannot be any restoration without title. The title to land will not only restore dignity to Zimbabweans but could also increase productivity and restore the land market.


In conclusion, I wish to say as Zimbabweans converse about their country and as the huge coalition for change gathers momentum, we derive comfort in the emerging consensus on a number of issues, particularly on the need to allow the President to rest and allow the nation to move forward by not muddying the waters through seeking a new term.

And of course, our narrative goes beyond simply saying Mugabe must go, even though that is the ideal starting point. The real work for this country begins the morning after his departure which is why we in the MDC are sharpening a robust transformative policy agenda that will rehabilitate all sectors of the country’s political economy.

Yes, Mugabe should not stand by virtue of his age. That is only the starting point, but an important one for that matter. It is Mugabe’s age that has paralyzed the entirety of government as everyone within the corridors of power focuses not on the crisis facing the people but on a succession agenda that is now being pursued along factional lines.

Zimbabwe is greater than individuals and thank God, some in Zanu PF now agree with what some of us have been saying for years that there will still be a country and a people beyond Mugabe.

Our only challenge is to continue to press for the sovereign expression of the people through a truly free, fair and credible election.  My parting short is that the real work lies with us, the people of Zimbabwe. Election shenanigans can only happen in an environment of apathy. We should desist from this culture where only 40 percent of eligible voters turn out to vote. The change we seek will be difficult to manipulate if we turn out in our overwhelming numbers to register and to cast our vote on the day of the challenge.

That is the national challenge and as for the youth, you are the game changers in the current national predicament. Do not outsource your future to anyone. That future is literally in your hands.

We are playing our part, as we have done today through this MOU. I urge Zimbabweans, particularly the youth, to have their own memorandum of understanding with their own future by actively seeking to define and secure it through active participation in the politics of their country.

It all starts by registering to vote.

I Thank You


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