Tsvangirai says geriatrics like Mugabe cannot govern the twitter generation


We need a paradigm shift and a new covenant with the people of Zimbabwe. We need to build a democracy based on the competition of ideas on how to take our country forward rather than daily reminisce about a war we won 37 years ago when the President of Transform Zimbabwe was only two years old. Is it not a shame that at 40 today he has only known one President since our independence in 1980?

We now have a new war. A war against poverty, disease, unemployment and ignorance. A war that requires new warriors, new weapons and new strategies and tactics. We need to build a democracy which is not rooted in some misguided sense of entitlement where other sections of our society believe that them and them alone have the divine right to participate in the governance of our country by virtue of having been born first and thus participated in our noble and shared national liberation struggle. If that sense of misguided entitlement is allowed to take root, then our independence and freedom will never be a shared one.

The 2018 elections present a rare opportunity for all of us to jump our last hurdle to freedom and prosperity as a nation. The 2018 to 2023 period will be an opportune transition period for us to radically transform our governance culture, remove fear from amongst our people, implement our new constitution and revitalize our economy.

Together we will create an environment in which all Zimbabweans will be free to participate in the governance of their country and where all will have equal opportunities to pursue their dreams in freedom.  We will build a new society that will pride itself for not leaving anyone behind. We will reform and reconstruct a state that is loved rather than feared by its citizens under the guidance of a caring and God fearing leadership.

Join us in this new war, a war where several battles including a new constitution have already been won by registering to vote and voting for change.

The emerging national convergence

We also note with gratitude the emerging national sentiment being echoed even from within Zanu PF itself on the fact that President Mugabe should allow the country to move forward and not run in the next election.

We say this not because we are afraid of facing him in an election because in my case, I have defeated Mugabe before. However, I am heartened by the emerging national consensus that given his advanced age, it is not in the national interest to allow a doddering 94-year old to seek a new term. Stepping aside would be in the interest not only of the country but also of the President himself.

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