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The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables-Part Thirty-Six-final

21-Mujuru asked MDC for amnesty in return for coalition government

22-Tsvangirai says Mugabe has pushed the people to the limit

23-Packages galore for Mugabe to step down

24-Tsvangirai says it would be risky to make him disappear

25-Goche tells US ambassador MDC is a violent party

26-US ambassador warns MDC not to speak of violent actions

27-Tsvangirai questioned over “Mugabe should go peacefully” remark

28-Chindori-Chininga dodges Mugabe succession issue

29-Did MDC ask US to help remove Mugabe or not?

30-US ambassador says Tsvangirai and MDC are distracted and unfocussed

31-The four scenarios that the MDC faced

32-MDC cancels mass action but keeps government guessing

33-ZANU-PF wins Marondera by-election

34-How to get Mugabe out

35-MDC adrift

36-Bikita poll marred by violence

37-Dealing with Mugabe the consummate survivor

38-US embassy feared Zindoga might cut off ties between ZCTU and MDC

39-ZANU-PF offered MDC 40% of cabinet seats if it entered GNU in 2001

40-Mugabe predicted to win one year before elections

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