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The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables-Part Thirty-Five

481-South Africa is anchor in US-Africa policy

482-SADC advocated GNU before presidential elections run off

483-Mugabe was a dictator trying to intimidate Africa and the world

484-AU said Zimbabwe elections fell short of accepted standards

485-Canada tougher on Zimbabwe after the 2008 elections- Wikileaks

486-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe in 2008

487-Why Mugabe went ahead with the presidential elections runoff in 2008

488-Did MDC and ZANU-PF Karangas plan a pact in 2008?

489-Tsvangirai was aware after June 2008 that he could not lead new government

490-US implored EU to place Gono on sanctions list

491-Libya castigated Tsvangirai for seeking refuge in Dutch embassy

492-Botswana said it did not recognise Mugabe’s victory

493-Why Botswana did not accept Zimbabwe’s election results

494-Mugabe plotted to steal election

495-SA ambassador accused Europeans of trying to impose Tsvangirai as president

496-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe

497-Indonesia wary about US sanctions proposal

498-China said problem in Zimbabwe was not Mugabe but Tsvangirai

499-Mujuru found Tsvangirai more acceptable than Mnangagwa

500-Goche and Chinamasa in MDC talks

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