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The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables-Part Eighteen

61-Tsvangirai says Mugabe mistrusts everyone

62-Tsvangirai needs armoured car

63-Tsvangirai escapes ZANU-PF attack- Jongwe suspended

64-Tsvangirai confident he would win presidential elections

65-Poll confusing

66-Government crack down on MDC after murder of Cain Nkala

67-Sikhanyiso Nlodvu’s college burnt by MDC supporters

68-Mugabe walks out on EU team

69-Mudede is like a referee who throws away the whistle to join one team

70-Tsvangirai and Biti described as Uncle Toms

71-Pius Ncube says Tsvangirai is too weak to lead Zimbabwe

72-UNDP rep says ZANU-PF is on a suicidal path

73-Tsvangirai charged with possessing walkie-talkie

74-Mugabe closer to having his ideal court

75-Army warns journalists

76-Military says it will not salute anyone without liberation credentials

77-Obasanjo promised Tsvangirai he would urge Mugabe to step down

78-Mnangagwa says MDC is responsible for violence

79-Zvobgo planned to ditch Mugabe for Tsvangirai two weeks before elections

80-Tsvangirai told British land reform was least priority

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