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The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables-Part Eighteen

261-Tsvangirai told Dell Mugabe would never give up power through an election

262-Botswana official said Tsvangirai could not lead MDC

263-Dust up at Harvest House

264-Tsvangirai said Murambatsvina was retribution

265-Tsvangirai said Mugabe wanted to use Murambatsvina to crush opposition

266-MDC tried to foment disturbances after crackdown on illegal activities

267-Jokonya a breath of fresh air after Jonathan Moyo

268-Mnangagwa linked to third force

269-US official said Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

270-Tsvangirai was prepared to consider coalition with Mnangagwa

271-Tsvangirai’s second treason charges withdrawn

272-Tsvangirai said MDC leaders staged arrests to show courage

273-US view on the ZANU-PF succession battle

274-Did Renaissance Bank rescue the country in 2005?

275-Tsvangirai walked to work

276-Dell said Tsvangirai was the heart and soul of the MDC

277-Coltart shaken by Tsvangirai’s decision

278-Tsvangirai showed muscle before MDC split

279-Tsvangirai carries the day

280-Dell once again glossed over MDC differences

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