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The Joice Mujuru Wikileaks cables –Final

21-Mujuru working with Tsvangirai behind the scenes- Wikileaks

22-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

23-John Nkomo of little value to Mugabe

24-Mai Mujuru stronger than Mnangagwa

25-Vote rigging in ZANU-PF party elections?

26-ZANU-PF not ready for a woman president

27-Mugabe, Mujuru call on supporters to shun factionalism

28-VP Mujuru held clandestine meeting with US ambassador

29-Military does not like VP Mujuru says Tanzanian ambassador

30-ZANU-PF an old party with problems

31-Biti says Mujuru and Mnangagwa are unelectable

32-Jonathan Moyo completes phoenix-like return to ZANU-PF

33-Mugabe usurps Tsvangirai

34-Kasukuwere is untrustworthy and a thug- Wikileaks

35-Mai Mujuru’s fear of Mugabe affecting her ability to lead






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