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The Grace Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Final

21-CIO keeps Mnangagwa a step ahead of his adversaries- Wikileaks

22-First Lady stone-faced throughout installation of Catholic Archbishop

23-First Boyfriend released

24-Masamvu says Gen Mujuru was on war path to get rid of Mugabe

25-Mugabe’s priest

26-The US embassy’s assessment of Grace Mugabe

27-Gono and Grace discuss Mugabe’s future

28-Grace agreed to power-sharing agreement

29-Grace wanted to marginalise Tsvangirai

30-First Lady linked to platinum deal

31-Ambassador says people underrate the power that Grace Mugabe wields

32-Cranswick says Gono, Grace and Mujuru are looting diamonds at Marange

33-South Korean firms in construction projects with First Lady?

34-Doing business Zimbabwe- style


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