Internet facts

The internet is fast engulfing the world. Although there are only one million users in Africa, the internet is available in 42 of the 54 countries. Sadly out of the one million 700 000 are in South Africa.

Zimbabwe is said to have only about 10 000 yet it has the technology and the know how. Much of the blame is placed on managers who still think of the computer as their secretary's typewriter.

There are about 100 million users in the world and it is estimated that the figure will triple to 300 million by the year 2000. Canada and the United States dominate the internet with 64 million users.

Europe trickles behind with 20 million and the Asia /Pacific region 14 million and South America 1.25 million.

Electronic commerce which stood at US$10 billion last year is expected to increase to over US$200 billion by the year 2000.

Food for thought for those still sitting on the fence.

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