Insider celebrates 20 years of publishing

The Insider is celebrating 20 years of publishing this month. The first issue of the printed edition of The Insider was published in December 1990 and the publication has been on the market since, though the printed edition was phased out in April 2003 because of inflation which made printing costs unpredictable. It has been on the web since then, though some web editions were published as early as 1998. We are now in the process of putting all the stories published over the past 20 years onto this website so we might need help to achieve this because this is an onerous task. Our old website had more than 900 pages and these have all to be moved to the new site plus plenty of other material from the printed edition that had not been uploaded to the site. Those who would like to support us in this noble objective should do so through the kachingle medallion on the front page of this website.  Our very first front page story published 20 years ago was entitled: Perks galore for chefs while povo struggle to make ends meet.

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