Products trickling back to shelves

The relaxation of price controls has seen some of the basic commodities that disappeared off the shelves when the government introduced strict price controls coming back.

Cooking oil is now widely available. Bread is getting back to the shelves and in some towns, prices are going down.

In Harare, some shops have reduced the price to $700 down from $1 100. Mealie meal is also beginning to trickle in with some shops displaying the smaller packets ranging from 2kg to 10kg.

The only commodity that remains scarce is sugar.

Prices, however, have rocketed with 10kg of mealie meal going for more than $5 000 and two litres of cooking oil selling for up to $6 000.

Though expensive some consumers say it is better to have the products readily available at a premium rather than force people to hunt for them on the black market.

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