MDC squanders golden opportunity

This was our headline seven years ago. MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai had admitted:  "When the MDC entered the political stage three years ago, many weary and drained people in this country, then suffering from 19 years of violent misrule and lost opportunities, thought their struggle was going to be sharp and swift.  Now that the struggle for a better life for all is dragging on, and given the worsening poverty at all levels, we are witnessing points of desperation among some sections of our community. The people's welfare and basic needs have been sacrificed for personal greed and ambition. If anything, the condition of the majority has worsened since 1999- thus making the call for change even more urgent.” Seven more years have passed and it looks nothing has really changed. Read our story and see how many more things are still true today. We have 400 other stories in our archives that have not been featured on the front page.

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