Leo is everywhere!

Several people have complained that one of Zimbabwe's major problems is that it does not have good public relations officers. This could be true.

While Zimbabwe's political leaders hate being compared with South Africa, one cannot avoid doing so because there are some good things happening there. For example, the ruling African National Congress has its own web site.

Anyone can contact President Nelson Mandela through the site.  Ministers and Members of Parliament are on e-mail. People can send their complaints, questions, and suggestions to them via the internet.

Getting connected to e-mail is very cheap so one wonders why Zimbabwe's leaders are not connected. At least they would learn a lot about what people are saying about them.

During the food riots for example, someone even suggested setting up a web site entitled: Kill Mugabe. Although later denounced by other netters as a Rhodie, at least surfing the net would enable the President's press officers to see what is being said about him.

At one time there was even a "joke" entitled: Leo is everywhere. It said: "When Grace was pregnant with Chatunga, Bob instructed the permanent secretary of Health to make a list of all the gynaecologists in the country... When the permanent secretary brought the list into Bob's office...Bob frowns in disgust and says: 'No way. How come Leo is not on this list?


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