Bulawayo starts year with a bang

Construction has kicked off with a bang in Bulawayo, with the city council approving building plans worth $3.3 billion in January.

The figure almost equalled total plans approved in 2003, which came up to $3.9 billion.

Last year the council approved plans valued at $18.6 billion.

January is usually a slow month in the construction industry but the value of plans approved this year was higher than that for any month last year, including November when most people are cashing in on their bonuses.

Plans worth $3.2 billion were approved in November, before the figure declined to $1.5 billion in December.

Most of the construction work, which is for residential accommodation, is taking place in Cowdray Park and Pumula South, both of which are being developed by housing developers and individuals.

Plans approved in Cowdray Park totalled $706.8 million and those in Pumula South came up to $449.8 million.

Some of the housing developers in Cowdray Park have been accused by the council of doing shoddy work and have been ordered to rectify the anomalies.


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