Nzarayebani’s cabinet

Outspoken Mutare South Member of Parliament Lazarus Nzarayebani has proposed a cabinet of 12 down from the present 24 excluding the President and his deputies.

The cabinet is as follows:

  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development;
  • Ministry of Local Government, Public Construction and National Housing;
  • Ministry of lands, Agriculture and Water Development;
  • Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ministry of Education and Culture;
  • Ministry of Defence and National Security;
  • Ministry of Information, Environment and Tourism;
  • Ministry of Transport, Energy and Mineral Resources;
  • Ministry of Health and Child Welfare;
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Internal Affairs;
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Labour and Social Welfare.
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