Dongo's adventures

Margaret Dongo, now leader of the Zimbabwe Union of Democrats, has joined a group of "right of centre political parties" according to a report in South Africa's Business Day.

And the group which established the African arm of the International Democratic Union, known as Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) is led by the New National Party, the "reformed" version of the National Party which introduced apartheid and ruled the country until 1994 when Nelson Mandela's African National Congress took over.

Among Dongo's team mates were Alfonso Dlakama of Mozambique and Katuutire Kaura of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance. NNP leader, Marthinus van Schalkwky, was quoted as telling the delegates: "DUA will be a network of democrats unafraid to take on the Mugabes, Nujomas and the Kabilas of today."


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