Mzingwane, gays and polygamy

When one looks at some of the suggestions being made to the Constitutional Commission, one is baffled as to what kind of constitution Zimbabweans really like.

Some people have suggested that witchcraft should be recognised under the new constitution because it is a reality. With cases that have made headlines recently, one is tempted to agree with the suggestion.

If police officers can lock up their own colleague for nearly six months on suspicion that he and his wife murdered their own maid for ritual purposes only to discover the girl was working elsewhere, how are the less sophisticated rural people expected to behave?

But what was even more astounding was the suggestion from Umzingwane District that gays and lesbians should be hanged because their "immoral practices" were responsible for the droughts and other misfortunes the country was facing.

What was interesting was that the suggestion came from what one could term former President Canaan Banana's people. Banana comes from the same district and was convicted of sodomising his former aide Jephta Dube.

He is appealing the conviction and sentence though. And more interesting was the fact that women at the meeting demanded that polygamy be banned because men tended to ignore the senior wives in favour of the young blood.

Men on the other hand said it should not because there were more women than men so they should marry more.

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